Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Cakes of Wrath

Today I finally got off the overweight program. I've been struggling with my weight ever since I succumbed to chronic back pain. Since I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease I've been on a permanent profile. I've been on therapy, had painful shots and tried all sorts of drugs. Of course pills can control my pain to an extent but they have a down-side too and there isn't anything that seems to fix it and the docs said splitting me open would probably make it worse.

Anyway, since my physical activity has been slightly limited since I got on profile I started to pack a few pounds and learned the hard way I had to start watching what I was eating and working harder.

When I was in the Marine Corps I had terrible eating habits. We got smoked so much in the Marines that most of us could eat whatever we wanted and however much we wanted. While we still work out in the Army, they don't tend to subject Soldiers to what I would classify Marine Physical Training as...i.e. Soul-Crushing Torture. I must have consumed like 3000 calories on average a day during my time in the Marines and weighed 160-165 pretty much my entire tour. It's frightening to think now the horrible things I subjected my stomach to as a Marine. Also, as a sidenote cat and dog don't taste too bad. They taste kind of like chicken if it were gamy (gamier than game hen).

People say diets don't work and they're right. Diets don't work! You have to make lifestyle changes which is what I've been learning. So, I'm within Army standards now with a bit to spare but I'm still working on losing more weight (trying to get my Marine bod back) and as I said in an earlier post restoring my abs to kicking-sand-in-your-face-at-the-beach-and-stealing-your-girlfriend quality. Each of my abs used to literally have their own six-pack.

I don't want to have to keep telling people what I great bod I used to have. I want to be able to play the marimbas on my stomach.

Anyway, to reward myself tonight for dinner I had...(drum roll) a chicken salad. :P

Yeah, I could have had a cheeseburger or some ice cream or a piece of pie but, it seemed like a step backwards rewarding myself with junk food so, I'm just gonna keep staying the course.

Our PAO shop did an interview over our DVIDS Satellite to AFN and the Pentagon Channel tonight. We had to work out a few kinks on both ends but it turned out sucessfully and it's actually scheduled to play tonight along with my video of an Explosives Ordinance Disposal demonstration at an Iraqi Security Conference held here in COB Speicher last week.

My partner in crime, SPC Campbell left us this morning to visit another one of FOBs (Forward Operating Base) and do some canoodling with Soldiers there. I got to visit FOB Summeral earlier this week and got a chance to talk to some Soldiers there.

I'm currently working on a fresh and funky album of Electronica Breakbeats called 'Electric Dream' which is coming out really nice. Also, I was googling myself "DJ Colletta" tonight and I found people are torrenting some of my music! Torrents are what people normally use to trade pirated software, games and music. I don't mind that people are torrenting and sharing my tunes though. I think it's pretty cool.

Sadly, my room-mate PFC Bruno left me last night. His section shuffled their guys around and they moved him in with another guy in his section. So, I was left all alone. Sniff. And just when we were about to become BFFs.

But, it's okay. I'm supposed to be moving in with a guy who I'm on good terms and share similar interests with tomorrow and hopefully I won't have to play anymore musical trailers.


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